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BL Banking

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Use our evaluation version and test BL Banking free of charge for 20 days

The Electronic Banking Software to go!

BL Banking is a 100% state of the art EBICS client software, for all companies around the world, doing electronic banking with German banks or any other EBICS capable bank.

Our software also runs on your USB flash drive or external harddiscs!

On 01.01.2008, electronic banking for companies changed a lot. By introducing EBICS, the entire German banking sector has agreed to one internet standard for the corporate banking.

BL Banking is the EBICS client for every company and also working on every operating system: Its fast, flexible, secure and mobile!

The software also allows to make use of smartcards for key management. All smartcards based on SECCOS with signatures of class A004 or A006 are supported.

BL Banking can be installed as single-user or multi-user system (network installation). For storing the users' electronic keys, the software can use the file system, USB flash drives, or smartcards.

Thanks to the integrated database interface, the program is extremely powerful, even at many and large amounts of data. Instead of the built-in, Java based database, already existing instances of the systems from Oracle, Microsoft or MySQL can be used.

The program is delivered as a multi language package for German, English and French. Other languages can be supported upon request.

The software is available as evaluation version in the download area and can be used for 20 days without limitation. After the evaluation period, the installation can be converted into a productive version by obtaining a license key.

BL Banking is offerred at a price of 250 EUR (net price) and can be ordered directly from Business-Logics using this order form.

Inclusive BL Banking VEU for iPhone® and Android™

BL Banking users can use the mobile app for smartphones and tablets for free!

BL Banking features

  • The complete EBICS-standard (inclusive distributed electronic signature)
  • Run from a USB flash drive
  • Account overview of all banks
  • Modern, ergonomic user interface
  • Integrated database interface
  • Domestic payments (DTAUS)
  • Foreign payments (DTAZV)
  • Urgent payments
  • SEPA payments
  • Date transfers, standing orders
  • Payment import
  • Recipient administration incl. import feature
  • Account statements
  • Advice notes
  • Value balances
  • Multibank communication
  • Support of smartcards
  • Inclusive CSV/Excel® to SEPA and DTAUS to SEPA converter
  • Comprehensive online help
  • Platform independence
  • Use as a single- or multi-user system
  • Inclusive BL Banking VEU apps for iPhone® and Android™