Seminars BL Banking

The program for companies, administration and banks

Our training courses are available for first-time and advanced users.

In addition to imparting basic knowledge about EBICS, beginners gain all skills for the professional handling of electronic payment transactions.

Advanced users learn the program and settings in detail in order to be able to implement their own requirements for the work flow in an optimal way.

All seminars take place in small groups and are held by our experienced EBICS experts from the BL Banking team.

To the target in relaxed atmosphere

A good seminar depends on an optimal learning atmosphere. We make sure that ideal conditions are arranged so you can fully focus on the training.

  • Teaching by our long-time training experts
  • Learning in small groups in relaxed atmosphere
  • Adaptation of learning content and pace to the group and topics
  • Time for individual questions and problems
  • Including meal at lunch time

Professional payments

The program for first-time users

  • EBICS basics
  • First steps: program interface, users, bank connections
  • Payments I: recording payments, send and retrieve files
  • Protocols: account statements, advices, PTK/HAC
  • Help options: manual, log data, remote support

Content for advances users

  • Payments II: types and formats, import/export, periodic payments
  • Post-processing of account statements and advices
  • Mandate administration
  • Foreign payments and AWV notifications
  • Installation scenarios: single and multi-user installations
  • Using the smartphone apps in combination with BL Banking

Dates and registration

The following dates are available at the prices given below:

Date Time Price per person
Wednesday, March 11 2020 10am - 4pm 290 EUR
Wednesday, June 10 2020 10am - 4pm 290 EUR

For booking seminars at our Hilden location, please use the registration form.

For training sessions at your premises or in English, please contact our sales department.