25 May 2009

The new EBICS Software BL Banking to be connected to German and French banks

In 2008, EBICS (electronic banking internet communication standard) became the compulsory corporate banking standard for all banks in Gemany. It is a pure corporate banking standard and it will remove and replace the old ISDN technique FTAM, finally in 2010.

EBICS is also on its way, being the top banking standard in France and further european countries in the future. It is also the line for transporting the new XML based SEPA (single euro payments area) payments.

Now, Business-Logics, the German vendor of electronic-banking-software developed and produced a new client software, named BL Banking, which is supporting the whole new EBICS-standard for all coroporates worldwide.

It is a Java installation and contains all the neccessary banking feature, a company is looking for, when it comes to electronic-banking.

BL Banking is a multibanking software and easy to install by the user himself. carried through the internet, it is reaching every user in the world connecting him to each and every EBICS bank. Also software updates will come through the world wide web.

One of the main and unique feature is, the software is starting under every operating system and on eyery platform. (Windows, Linux and macOS) All needed components are inside the program. The complex BL Banking functions are are held easy and clear. Thanks to the modular software structure, even configurating a new bank access and hosting several accounts are easy to manage.

BL Banking also contains the Electronic Distributed Signature (EDS) which belongs to EBICS, to authorise payments at a bank from different places.

All payments, sent to a bank by any electronic-banking-program and communication standard from everywhere , can be shown in the BL Banking program and be signed additionally or finally, by the authorised controller around the world.

Another useful BL Banking feature is having the program on an USB flash drive while being on a business-trip and signing payments as soon as there is an internet connection. The program and all dates will keep on the stick.

Of course, BL Banking including all electronic banking keys, is proteced by your password and meets all security aspects in Electronc Banking.