12 December 2008

EBICS corporate customer banking for all platforms

BL Banking, the new corporate banking software from Business-Logics, has been developed for all common operating systems and platforms and is thus available for Windows, Linux and macOS systems.

The program from the electronic banking specialist based in Düsseldorf brings a pure EBICS client for corporate customers to the market and thus fills a gap when it comes to universally usable clients. To date companies with a Linux or macOS infrastructure had to fall back on a Windows operating system to be able to participate in the EBICS procedure. This step is now unnecessary and thus enables the use on homogeneous IT environments.

The client connects companies with all German banks and all global banks that have the EBICS system. BL Banking proves that even complex functions can be operated easily and intuitively. The interface offers numerous customisation options to user preferences. Thanks to the modular structure of the software and not least the clearly arranged user interface, it is possible to easily set up and manage several banks with a lot of accounts. The implementation of Electronic Distributed Signature (EDS), which has been given its own overview, is exemplary. Delivery, installation and updates are provided conveniently over the Internet.

Extremely practical: the program also runs from a USB flash drive. It is therefore possible to view, edit and execute payments when travelling.

It goes without saying that the software, including the electronic banking key, is password protected and fulfils all of the security aspects of an electronic banking application.

Function summary

  • Supports the full EBICS standard including EDS
  • Account summary across all banks set up
  • Modern, ergonomic user interface
  • Payment entry
    • Domestic payments (DTAUS, credits, direct debits)
    • International payments (DTAZV, express Euro payments, standard EU transfers)
    • Express payments
    • SEPA payments
    • Post-dated transfers, standing orders
    • Payment import
    • Recipient management
  • Cash management
    • Account statements
    • Advice notes, interim transactions
    • Value dates
  • Languages: German, English (and 16 other languages are supported)
BL Banking is available for immediate delivery. The full version of the product can be tested for 20 days free of charge. You can find a demo download here.