Products for com­panies

Software must facilitate work - not hinder it.

As a software manufacturer we also know the classical problems with software in companies: Poor operating concepts, missing desirable functions or interaction is too slow. And then there is the fact that after the sale, the manufacturer has virtually no interest in the customer and barely offers any kind of service.

And then? Then we exchange the product for one that does it right.

BL’s software is designed with these very aspects in mind. You concern yourself with the processes in your company; we support you with the right software and top-quality service.

No automated voice systems, no waiting loops. Promised!

Standard EBICS clients

Classical desktop programs for PC and Mac

BL Banking

Desktop EBICS client for recording pay­ments, EDS and file exc­hange

  • Payment recording and import
  • Electronic Distributed Signature
  • Recipient management
  • Multi-bank enabled
  • Support for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Multiple languages available
BL Banking EDS

Desktop EBICS client for Electronic Distributed Signatures and account statements

  • Electronic Distributed Signatures (EDS)
  • Collecting and displaying statements
  • Multi-bank enabled
  • Support for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Multiple languages available
BL Banking/FR

The modern EBICS client for France according to the CFONB standards

  • Payment recording and import
  • Support for EBICS profile T and TS, incl. certificates
  • Multi-bank enabled
  • Support for Windows, Linux and macOS

EBICS Portal

Modern web application for medium and large companies

BL Banking Web

Portal solution for enterprise wide connection of subscribers via web application

  • Access for any number of users via web application
  • Location-independent use from PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Language can be changed by each user separately: English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Central installation and data storage
  • Automated retrieval of files with fetch schedules
  • Multi-banking capable

Auto­mated pay­ments

Systems for integration into your corporate processes

BL Transfer System

Server system for fully auto­mated pay­ments

  • Completely supports automation, including electronic signatures
  • Checks the bank’s processing by analysing bank protocols
  • Possibility of local Electronic Distributed Signatures (EDS/VEU) in the company
  • Support of all EBICS versions
  • Link to ERP systems (optional)
  • Multi-bank enabled
BL Transfer Tool

Program for file exchange with all EBICS banks

  • Integration in any system environment by call-up via cron job, script, other programs or included service software
  • Support of all EBICS versions
  • Send and collect files with all order types
  • Sending signatures as part of the EDS
  • Multi-bank enabled
  • Including additional tools, e.g. CSV-SEPA conversion
BL e-Statement

Program for collecting statements using EBICS

  • Integration in any system environment by call-up via cron job, script, other programs or included service software
  • Support of all EBICS versions
  • In addition to collecting statements, also allows any other files to be called up
  • Multi-bank enabled


Mobile applications for smartphone and tablet

BL Banking for iOS

The app for EBICS on the move on iPhone and iPad

BL Banking for Android

The EBICS app for Android smartphones and tablets

SEPA tools

Useful helpers for daily work with SEPA files

BL CSV-SEPA Converter

Generates SEPA credits and direct debit files from CSV data sources

  • Output formats according to DK, ISO and Swiss format specifications
  • Runs on all modern operating systems
  • Simple set-up and integration in corporate processes
BL SEPA Container Tool

Create container files from SEPA customer orders for service data centres (SRZ)

  • The import formats are all valid SEPA credits and direct debits
  • Inclusive hash value calculation
  • Can be integrated as a command line program in any system environment
  • Simple set-up and use
BL SEPA Optimizer

Checks and corrects SEPA files according to the Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft standard

  • Automatic IBAN correction
  • Correction of due date and execution date
  • Calculation and correction of the control totals

FTAM, check programs, converter

Software for special usage areas in the company


Standard FTAM implementation including initiator (client) and responder (server)

  • The trusted components for electronic data exchange with German customs using ATLAS
  • Simple set-up for Windows and Linux (copying DLL and LIB)
  • Integration of FTAM initiator and responder in own application possible
  • Checked compatibility
BL Format Checker

The check program for all common payment files

  • Checking file structure and content as per official specifications
  • Incl. check module for SEPA (corresponds to XML as per "The German Banking Industry Committee"), DTAZV and SWIFT-MT format
  • Other check modules available, e.g. ISO-XML/CGI
  • Use as desktop program, web application or integration in auto­mated test pro­cesses
BL Format Converter

The ultimate toolbox for payment files and Bundesbank formats

  • Create PDF files and separation function for MT940 and CAMT files
  • Conversion of SWIFT messages (domestic and international payments) into PDF and ASCII
  • Converting DTAUS and DTAZV files to the Bundesbank EÖ-formats (EÖ-DTA and EÖ-SWIFT)
  • EBCDIC conversions
  • Converting M messages to PDF and ASCII
  • Conversion of Bundesbank files (e.g. YG1, YCL, YGB, QE1) into DTAUS formats
BL CAMT-DTI Converter

Converts batched transaction files from the camt.054 format to DTI files

  • Translation of the zipped XML format camt.054 to the DTAUS0 format for DTI
  • As far as possible mapping of CAMT encodings in DTI equivalents
  • Inclusion of additional information in the intended purpose
  • Platform-independent implementation for any system environment
BL Test Data Generator

creation of SEPA files for reliable test processes

  • Generates SEPA files according to the current standard
  • Supports custom data sources for realistic tests
  • Free definition of templates for repeatable executions
  • Possibility to create invalid SEPA files
  • Seamless integration into internal testing procedures and environments
  • Available in English and German for all common operating systems