BL Transfer System

The complete solution for automating payments using EBICS

The times for manual intervention in mass payments have long been over. Specially adapted systems have replaced all routine tasks associated with processing.

The Transfer System completes all the tasks so reliably that you would like to watch it all day long.

Complete mapping of business processes

Time-controlled monitoring of incoming directories, use of electronic signatures, definition of processing steps and much more — the system offers everything to handle automatic processings and mass payments.

  • Collecting and sending files by EBICS
  • Multi-bank enabled: Managing bank accesses and subscribers
  • Processing and sending signatures for EDS
  • Use management and role concept
  • Definition of processing steps, e.g. creating SEPA files

Easy integration of the system in any environment

Thanks to platform-independent server implementation, the system can be integrated into any IT environment. The modular architecture and support for all modern database systems give the application additional flexibility.

  • Available for Windows and Linux
  • Modern JEE application (Java Enterprise Edition)
  • Use as data hub thanks to integrated local EBICS server for EDS
  • Optional connection of ERP systems for data exchange in both directions
  • Easy installation via installation program

Complete control of processing

It goes without saying that all transactions are logged so that you can view all actions at any time.

In particular the BL Transfer System can collect and analyse the bank protocols. This enables the representation of all events for a payment, from creation in the system to processing by the bank.

The software independently recognises error states and responds in line with the error type that occurred, e.g. by repeated transmission attempts. Events to which the system cannot respond appropriately are registered by email to the administrator.

Support of all EBICS versions for all countries

With the introduction of EBICS version 3.0, the country-specific differences of the previous versions were largely standardised.

In particular, BTFs are now used for sending and fetching files. Thus, the software allows the BTFs to be adapted to the corresponding specifications for Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland. Also, any other BTF can be configured and used by the system.

In addition to EBICS version 3.0, the BL Transfer System supports the individual country-specific EBICS specifications of versions 2.x as well.

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