Products for payment service providers

Routine work is done for us by the software

The mass processing of payments does not require masses of employees. All it needs is the right software. This saves valuable resources and ensures minimum error rates.

Server systems/automation

Perfect in function and reliability: the systems for EBICS connection and process automation

BL Banking Server

Client-enabled EBICS server to receive payment files for customers

  • Implements all EBICS versions
  • Definition of processing steps
  • Provision of local files
  • Comprehensive rights concept
  • EBICS send function to pass on payments to the banks (optional)
BL Real-Time Server

The real-time server system for Instant Payment and SEPA Request-To-Pay per EBA CLEARING

  • implements the SCT Inst and SRTP Standard of the EPC
  • Real-time processing with well-tried EBICS engine
  • complete integration of the reliable BL EBICS client
  • Back end connection via standard implementations or customer specific
BL Clearing Server

The EBICS clearing platform for inter-bank communication with EBA CLEARING and Deutsche Bundesbank

  • Designed for maximum performance, stability and security
  • Customised to the established clearing processes and special order types
  • EBICS transmission function for active connection with other banks
  • Client-enabled
BL Portal

The EBICS bank portal as online application for connecting corporate customers

  • One central installation for all customers
  • Direct customer access via browser with full EBICS functionality
  • Quick availability for users
  • User interface available in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Multi-bank and multi-client capable
BL Transfer System

Server system for fully Auto­mated pay­ments via EBICS

  • Supports the complete automation process: Access, process, sign, send payments
  • Implementation of all EBICS versions
  • Checks the bank’s processing by analysing bank protocols
  • Traceability of all processes through internal and external logging
  • Multi-bank enabled
BL Transfer Tool

Program to send and collect payment files

  • Automated program for exchanging files with all EBICS banks
  • Simple installation and set-up
  • Runs on all modern operating systems
  • Integration in any system environment by call-up via cron job, script, other programs or included service software
  • Support for all EBICS versions
  • Including additional tools, e.g. CSV-SEPA conversion

Converter and utility programs

It is not necessary to constantly re-invent the wheel. With the tools from Business-Logics you can start immediately.

BL SEPA Container Tool

Create container files from SEPA customer orders for service data centres

  • The import formats are all valid SEPA credits and direct debits
  • Including hash value calculation
  • Can be integrated as a command line program in any system environment
  • Simple set-up and use
BL SEPA Optimizer

Check SEPA files or allow them to be automatically corrected using the BL SEPA optimiser

  • Automatic IBAN correction
  • Adaptation to BIC
  • Correction of due date and execution date
  • Calculation of control totals
  • Support for all current operating systems
BL CSV-SEPA Converter

Creates XML files for SEPA credits and direct debits from CSV files

  • Handles all outgoing formats from SEPA version 2.4, including express payments
  • Support for many optional SEPA fields
  • Easy integration into IT processes
  • Runs on all modern operating systems
BL Format Checker

The check program for all common payment files

  • Checking file structure and content as per official specifications
  • Incl. check module for SEPA (corresponds to XML as per "The German Banking Industry Committee"), DTAZV and SWIFT-MT format
  • Other check modules available, e.g. ISO-XML/CGI
  • Operation by user interface or in­te­gra­ted into Auto­mated cor­po­rate pro­cesses
BL Test Data Generator

creation of SEPA files for reliable test processes

  • Generates SEPA files according to the current standard
  • Supports custom data sources for realistic tests
  • Free definition of templates for repeatable executions
  • Possibility to create invalid SEPA files
  • Seamless integration into internal testing procedures and environments
  • Available in English and German for all common operating systems