BL Clearing Server

Clearing via EBICS with EBA CLEARING and Deutsche Bundesbank

Clearing often requires one thing above all, the absolute reliability of all of the systems involved.

Our clearing platform ensures the EBICS does so.

Reliable in all situations

Designed for stability, performance and security

The Clearing Server is based on the reliable EBICS core module of the BL Banking Server. Thus, it not only achieves its enormous performance, but also the usual stability.

Files of several gigabytes are more normal than an exception in clearing. So, definitely no space for compromises in terms of reliability.

The clearing specialist

In addition to purely exchanging data, there are a number of other tasks to be handled.

The BL Clearing Server contains everything that a modern system needs. In addition to the EBICS send function of the server, the system also processes all clearing-specific order types. In addition, all necessary processing steps for pre and post processing of files are available.

Easy system integration

As a flexible data hub, the server provides as standard all processes that are required for simply and safely transferring and receiving the clearing files. The platform itself is completely open.

  • Runs on all modern operating systems: AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows
  • Supports all common databases: DB2 (including AS-400), MS-SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database, PostgreSQL
  • Flexible implementation as a Java EE application with the support of many JEE servers
  • Data transfer from the leading system using the master data interface
  • Full multi-client capability
  • Problem-free operation in VM environments
  • Cluster-enabled

Special requirements are normal requirements

Not every bank works the same. Good systems already take that into account in the design.

Both the technology and business processes have been adapted to their own requirements over the years down to the smallest details. The task is therefore the problem-free integration of the new system and not changing existing systems.

Whether it concerns external ERP or other systems that control clearing or pass on the results of clearing, the server supports this and more through its open plug-in architecture. With specific plug-ins any processes or third-party systems can be integrated as if they were part of the overall architecture.

Simple and accessible user interface

In addition to easy operation and intuitive search, the web application of the server also offers barrier-free working.

The user interface takes into account the guidelines of the BITV and the underlying accessibility guidelines for web content, WCAG in version 2.0.

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