29 September 2017

Test systems for SEPA Instant Credit Transfer

Shortly, pan-European SEPA transfers in real-time will be available for the first customers.

All actors are intensively working to guarantee a smooth start.

Participants now have the well-tried test systems from EBICS specialist Business-Logics available to perform automated functional and performance tests for SCT Inst.

Automated functional tests

The new version of the BL Test System now also provides — besides file-based EBICS — the variant for real-time EBICS in accordance with the SCT Inst standard.

In contrast to file-based EBICS, real-time transfers per EBICS make use of a single request/response pair. Other differences exist for the use of electronic signatures and the application data packaging.

The test software can be executed manually, but also script based to perform automated live system monitoring.

Reliable performance statements

Also the new version of the BL Load Test System, the program for automated performance tests of EBICS server systems, is ready for SCT Inst.

The software allows to create an arbitrary load per real-time EBICS requests. As the system performs the load test at protocol level, namely the EBICS request and the returned EBICS response, the performance of the target system is getting evaluated as a whole.

By analysing the complete responsiveness, the best technical layout for all expected system loads can be determined.


Both systems can be purchased directly from Business-Logics. For customers with a maintenance contract the updates are as usual free of charge.

The manufacturer provides the software on request free of charge as demo version for all interested parties.