12 July 2010

EBICS advances to the new electronic banking communication standard in France

The electronic banking infrastructure in France is being replaced by a new, modern technique. The Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard, in short: EBICS, supersedes the ETEBAC protocols.

The CFONB, the standardisation office in the banking sector of France, has designated EBICS as the follow-up standard for the discontinued ETEBAC protocols. For this replacement, EBICS has been adopted with version 2.4.2 to meet the French requirements.

The last specifications for the substitution of the banking protocols have just been finished. There are some fundamental parts in which the use of EBICS in Germany and France differs, like the definition of order types, the distributed signature, or the need for certificates to be used during initialisation.

The migration from ETEBAC 5 at the bank's side is scheduled for September 2010 and shall be finished until September 2011. Due to the short time frame for the changeover, French banks experience the urgent need for adequate server software comprising with the new specification.

By the early adoption of the specific changes to EBICS, the banking servers from Business-Logics are best suited for the French market. The production proof BL Banking Server and the BL EBICS Server of the German electronic banking specialist are highly flexible by design and may be integrated into any existing infrastructure. The two high-performing and excellent scalable platforms now support all characteristics for the migration from ETEBAC 3 and ETEBAC 5 to EBICS, like the administration and control of certificates, the handling of French banking keys, and the support of special FUL/FDL order types.

By choosing a productive banking server from Business-Logics, the migration to EBICS succeeds within the shortest possible time and leaves all the flexibility required within a grown infrastructure.