28 June 2018

Using centralised payment systems to optimise business processes

The concentration of IT in companies is an ongoing trend that shows no signs of abating.

Major synergy effects can be expected above all when centralisation covers all functional units.

BL Banking Web provides companies with a central solution for electronic payment transactions that is especially easy to integrate into their respective IT environments.

Consolidation of IT systems and company data

More and more companies are opting to centralise their IT systems. While cost and security aspects are the main reasons for this form of organisation, modern companies greatly benefit from this consolidation in the area of business accounting: the central availability of the systems and their data makes it easy to optimise business processes.

Automation and direct user interaction

One of the most important components aside from business application systems are electronic payment transactions. The requirements include support for the EBICS protocol, a high degree of flexibility for automated processing of recurring tasks, but also direct use by users for unscheduled activities.

BL Banking Web

With the BL Banking Web software-as-a-service solution, the software manufacturer Business-Logics offers medium-sized and large companies a flexible solution for centralised electronic payment transactions.

Thanks to its simple installation and configuration, the system is fully operational for users and business processes from day one.

BL Banking Web is available directly from the manufacturer and can be purchased as a licence package.