26 July 2018

Coya AG and BRUGGER Magnetsysteme choose BL Banking Web

The online application proves itself both in the introduction and in the replacement of existing payment transaction solutions.

Coya AG

Coya AG, Europe’s leading digital insurance company, has chosen BL Banking Web for EBICS processing with all banks.

“The web-based EBICS application is impressive with its simple operation, full range of functions and its modern design.”

Brugger GmbH

Brugger GmbH, the specialist for magnet systems, also uses BL Banking Web to process electronic payment transactions per EBICS.

“We value BL Banking Web as a lean and flexible banking system for SMEs. Licensing is easy because BL Banking Web is based on industry standards and works without additional tools or services running in the background that require their own licence.

The clients only need a standard web browser. The system is quick and easy to learn. Many processes can be automated. We were also able to connect to our ERP system with little effort.”