19 July 2019

Major feature update for BL Banking

With the new update, the software for payment transactions via EBICS gets many new features.

New permissions

The user administration of BL Banking receives a number of new permissions, for example, User is authorized to record payments, User is authorized to sign orders in the DS or User is authorized to view account statements. This means that now it is now possible to assign certain roles to users in a multi-user installation, such as payment typist or order signatory.

Payments and file transfer

With the new version, status messages are comprehensively evaluated and incorporated in the display of sent files and signed payments.

In addition to the existing states such as Signatures complete, there are now the new states Booked and Rejected.

Furthermore, the states of sent files and signed payments are now displayed in color. This allows users of the program to identify problems with individual payments at a glance.

In the area of real-time payments, it is now possible to specify the time for execution.

Printing of batched transaction files

Via the new preference Print batched transaction files as overview, newly retrieved batched transaction files can be printed directly as an overview. Only basic information are shown in the overview, however not the transactions contained in the files.


The current version goes into action directly for new installations. For existing customers, the distribution will take place via the automatic update function in the coming weeks.

As usual, the BL Banking update is available free of charge to all customers with maintenance contract.