28 January 2021

BL e-Statement including user interface and service program

With the update to version 3.0, the EBICS software now features a graphical user interface and a job scheduling service utility.

User interface for Windows, Unix and MacOS

Although BL e-Statement has always been used via command line interface for batch operation, the graphical user interface is certainly enormously convenient for many users.

For example, the interface makes it quick and easy to get an overview of all connected banks and the subscribers used there.

Also the possibility for ad hoc file retrieval without customizing own scripts should be appreciated by many users.

Automatic retrieval of files via integrated service program

The shipment of BL e-Statement in the new version also includes a service utility for a very easy configuration of fetch jobs. These allow any files to be retrieved from the connected EBICS banks.

For the execution time you can choose between the following options:

  • at fixed times,
  • repeated executions within a time interval or
  • after receiving real-time notifications from the bank.


As usual, the new version of BL e-Statement is available to all customers free of charge as part of the software maintenance.