28 April 2021

BL Banking Server with support for EBICS version 3.0.1

The EBICS server from Business-Logics for credit institutions for connecting customers implements the current version 3.0.1 of the EBICS specification.

As usual, the update is available free of charge for all maintenance customers.

EBICS 3.0: Harmonization

Version 3.0 of the Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard, EBICS for short, comes with the urgently needed harmonization of electronic payments in corporate banking.

The EBICS specifications of the member states Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria, which have diverged in recent years, are thus being brought together again to form a uniform standard.

By November 22, 2021 at the latest, the new version of the standard must be offered to corporate customers by all German banks in electronic payments.

EBICS 3.0.1: Simplified changeover

EBICS Version 3.0.1, which has recently been slightly changed again, lowers the hurdles for EBICS subscribers considerably, because it allows to continue using existing keys with a minimum length of 2048 bits.

This eliminates the time-consuming reinitialization of all relevant subscribers and thus enables uninterrupted electronic payment transactions in the company. The only requirement is a current version of the EBICS client software used.

However, the change is also of great benefit to the credit institutions, as it should significantly reduce the workload on customer support in the days of the changeover.

Free updates

Like all customers, users of the BL Banking Server benefit from Business-Logics' future-proof maintenance concept.

Sustaining interoperability is an integral part of any software maintenance. The availability of free updates is thus guaranteed for new versions of the EBICS specification as well as for general product improvements.

The update of the BL Banking Server including support of EBICS in version 3.0.1 is now available to all maintenance customers.