27 August 2021

Major BL Banking update with many new functions

The new version of the EBICS client BL Banking is now available. In addition to bug fixes, the update contains numerous new developments.

General functions

The EBICS specification is constantly being updated, e.g. there will be stricter rules regarding the minimum key length in the future. Also, additional standard order types will become available for subscribers.

  • Information for subscribers still using expiring EBICS version 2.3 or if the keys need to be updated
  • Retrieval of customer and account information in PDF format (BKI)


Among other things, the following new functions are available for the processing of payments:

  • Retrieval of camt.029 files to obtain information on a camt.055 recall request
  • Conversion from CSV/Excel to MT101
  • Conversion from CSV/Excel to international pain.001 format
  • New payment type SEPA salary payment with individually adjustable sending parameters

Bank statements

For account statements, there is support for additional formats as well as new export functions:

  • New formats
    • camt.052.001.08, camt.053.001.08, camt.054.001.08 (ISO version 2019, DK standard format from November 2021)
    • camt.052.001.04, camt.053.001.04, camt.054.001.04 (ISO version 2013, used in Switzerland)
  • Automatic export for batched transaction files and payment advices

AWV notifications

For AWV notfifications, the source of an entry is being displayed (payment based, account statement based, or manually created).


New setups are delivered directly for the current version.

The update of existing installations is available via the automatic update function of BL Banking. For all maintenance customers, the new version is available as usual free of charge.