29 October 2021

BL Portal - The web portal for EBICS

Corporate banking simple and modern: The web application for credit institutions to connect any number of customers.

Electronic payments for corporate customers with the portal from Business-Logics

The BL Portal is probably the easiest way to offer corporate customers access to electronic payment transactions in the EBICS environment.

The central installation of the multi-tenant capable application allows all customers worldwide to be connected via EBICS.

Easing for the customers - faster to the goal

For many companies, electronic payments via EBICS represent a challenge. Software procurement, high licensing costs, multiple installations and permanent software maintenance can often only be managed at great expense.

The connection via BL Portal reduces all efforts considerably, because the customer only needs an Internet browser to use the application.

Customer loyalty - all from one source

Customers expect a straightforward procedure. With BL Portal, EBICS connections can be set up so that users find a properly configured application right from the start.

International customers - multilingual included

Particularly for internationally operating companies that have contact with EBICS for the first time, assistance is often necessary. In addition, there is a language barrier, since many EBICS clients are only available in German or English.

BL Portal is multilingual and currently supports the languages German, English, French and Spanish.

Without words - intuitive and easy

The modern user interface is all about intuitive operation. Everyday tasks such as entering and sending payments, providing the Electronic Distributed Signature or entering AWV notifications should not pose a challenge.

BL Portal offers clear versatility in all areas. In addition, extensive online help is available.

Up to date - for sure

BL Portal guarantees secure communication via HTTPS transport encryption, server certificates, and the encryption and signature algorithms of EBICS.

In addition to password entry, two-factor authentication is available for legitimizing customer access.

Recognition - corporate design

BL Portal can of course be adapted to the bank's corporate design on request.

Learn more

For more information on the product, please contact us by email to or by phone at +49 2103 33993‑30.