31 May 2022

Deutsche Bundesbank completely converts EBICS process to version 3.0.1

Due to the shutdown of the previous EBICS version 2.5 at the Deutsche Bundesbank, there is an urgent need for action for public administrations.

By November 2022, all systems involved must have been converted to the new version 3.0.1 and the mandatory test procedure completed.

High conversion effort

The conversion of the EBICS communication with the Deutsche Bundesbank often involves a great deal of effort for the so-called other account holders without a bank code.

Besides updating the software systems involved, subscribers must successfully complete the testing procedure for version 3.0.1.

Conversion of EBICS at the Deutsche Bundesbank to version 3.0.1

Test procedure

In contrast to other test scenarios, approval by the Deutsche Bundesbank is not possible through the use of certified software alone.

Rather, the tests certify the customers including the respective business transactions.

As of today, there are still two predefined test periods for the implementation of the test procedure:

  • - 18 Jul. 2022 - 29 Jul. 2022
  • - 24 Oct. 2022 - 4 Nov. 2022

Additional dates may be possible by arrangement with the Deutsche Bundesbank's test center, provided that free test capacities are available.

Know-how and software from Business-Logics

The new EBICS version brings a number of changes, which are not easy to implement for most process participants.

In addition to the replacement of the previously common order types by so-called BTFs, there are various other aspects to be considered during the changeover, e.g. new requirements for the EBICS keys used.

The software manufacturer Business-Logics, based in Hilden, Germany, supports administrations in the software conversion and the implementation of the test procedure with the Deutsche Bundesbank. For this purpose, both custom-fit seminars and personnel services for the tests are offered.

For process participants who need to switch to other systems due to software problems, Business-Logics offers established solutions for EBICS 3.0.1 with the BL Bundesbank Client and the BL Clearing Server.


For more information, the manufacturer is available by e-mail at or by phone at +49 2103 33993-30.