21 November 2022

Version 3.6 of the DK format specification becomes valid

Since 20 November 2022, updated specifications apply for the EBICS formats used in Germany.

New version 3.6

The German Banking Industry Committee (DK) has updated the format standards for corporate banking.

The changes in version 3.6 are minor and mainly include the support for the new container format container.nnn.001.03.

DK format specification 3.6

End of version 2.7 according to SEPA LifeCycle

All formats to be supported by German banks are defined by the format life cycle. As of the cut-off date 20 November 2022, the formats of SEPA version 2.7 no longer have to be supported any longer. This affects the TVS formats pain.001.003.03, pain.008.003.02 und pain.002.003.03.