30 March 2023

Generation of SEPA files for system tests

The quality of a software system depends to a large extent on precise testing. Realistic test scenarios including the data used are essential. In the area of payment transactions, these are in particular SEPA and ISO 20022 files.

With the new version of the BL Test Data Generator, payment files can now be created even more easily for all test environments.

Custom-fit data for every test environment

Good tests require the right data. This is especially important for integration tests, because in some cases participating systems expect certain data, e.g. the originator accounts of the backend system. At the same time, static files cannot be used because various checks must remain active, for example for the execution date.

These and other requirements can be easily met by using templates and integrating own data sources. For each target format, there is a corresponding format template with the characteristic properties, e.g. the division into logical files and transactions. If a template is now linked to the data sources for filling, the required files can be generated in this way.

Flexible creation with the BL Test Data Generator

The new version of the Test Data Generator contains various improvements and new features. In addition to the previous formats, SCT INST payments according to pain.001.001.09 are now supported, for example.

Furthermore, arbitrary XML files can be generated by creating own format templates.

The program enables the specific setting and removal of XML elements and attributes. In this way, all requirements for the payment files to be generated can be met. Thus, it is also easy to create invalid files.

Easy integration into test environments

The Test Data Generator, available in German and English, can be easily integrated into all environments and processes.

In addition to the graphical user interface, it is also possible to use the command line interface, e.g. via script or from other programs.

In addition, the generator can be connected to your own software systems with the programming interface, which is also available.


Business-Logics offers a time-limited demo version to those interested upon request.