11 February 2011

The Business-Logics EBICS modules for international suppliers

Business-Logics, the German EBICS expert and producer of e-banking products and components, supports domestic and international software companies to enter the world of EBICS

As the Internet based communication protocol EBICS became a common standard between companies and the banking sector in Germany and France, for many international software suppliers and service providers in the financial industry EBICS is no longer an option, but rather a necessary feature in their banking applications and products.

Whenever the question arises how to implement or adopt EBICS, either by developing it itself or by integrating a 3rd party component, it will be a good idea to have a close look on Business-Logics' EBICS modules.

Due to modern and flexible development techniques, Business-Logics' EBICS components enable a smooth and seamless integration into other manufacturers' products or platforms. Combined with the comprehensive expert knowledge of the Business-Logics team, any company will be well prepared for the fastest access to all existing EBICS markets.