29 September 2011

The e-banking products from Business-Logics also speak French EBICS

Automated payments with banks in Germany and France

The introduction of EBICS in France established a common standard for communication between companies and banks in both countries. But what many companies do not yet fully understand is that the EBICS standard for France and Germany has some differences and it is not possible to connect with French and German banks at the same time without some additional effort.

Using the Business-Logics' Transfersystem and Transfertool banks in Germany and France can however be accessed via EBICS at the same time. Both products are primarily for automated payments between companies and banks and thus optimise corporate payments.

The Transfersystem with a comfortable web interface as a server solution offers other useful functions that go beyond simple file transfers. For example, the system is able to analyse the customer protocols (PTK) from banks and to send notifications if failures occur. The Transfersystem is set up such that all functions run regularly and automatically in the background. In the current version the Transfersystem can be configured to receive Electronic Distributed Signatures (EDS) via EBICS clients. Then, when all necessary signatures are in place, the request will be sent to the bank.

This banking function should be interesting in future above all for German financial service providers in order to replace the client's fax approvals.

The core function and focus of the Transfertool is the EBICS communication with the banks. It has been designed as a command line program for payments with banks in Germany and France. The Transfertool can be executed automatically via cronjob or scheduler by being called up from other programs or manually as a command. The program is available for all system environments.