28 October 2011

The upgrade to EBICS 2.5 can begin now

With the availability of EBICS version 2.5 within the server and test systems of Business-Logics the upgrade to the new protocol version can begin

The new EBICS version 2.5 will be valid for Germany and France from 1st of July 2012 and will be mandatory in Germany from that date.

The changes include amongst others:

  • the generation of order numbers by the bank,
  • a XML based customer protocol (HAC), and
  • the possibility for sending all public keys in a single step (H3K).

As of now the BL Banking Server and the BL Clearing Server are available inclusive EBICS 2.5. In addition, EBICS servers with protocol version 2.5 can be tested in detail for functionality and performance with the new versions of the BL Testsystem and the BL Load Test System.