24 April 2012

BL Format Check for banks

The new all-in-one solution from Business-Logics facilitates testing of customer payment files for banks

Customers' payment files originate from a wide variety of different systems. With the introduction of SEPA, the emergence of "self-made" payment files has increased even more. Not always these files comply with the current standards. To reduce the number of incorrect payment files in bank systems to a minimum, extensive tests with real customer files become necessary. Once a corrupt file has been rejected by the banking server, the real cause for the refusal needs to be determined and provided to the customer as fast as possible. Often the error messages of the banking server are only of little value as they do not provide detailed descriptions, or even no advice at all for the rejection.

To meet this specific need, Business-Logics provides the BL Format Check. It tests all common payment formats customers may submit to their banks for payment processing.

The different software tools for all relevant tests can now be replaced by the all-in-one solution BL Format Check. The software validates the payment files' schema as well as their content. Files can be loaded intuitively per drag-and-drop or by using the menu. The result appears immediately.

After a file has been read, it will be shown once in the original and once in the user-friendly details view. If the checked file contains errors, these are displayed color-marked. In addition, detailed error descriptions are created. By clicking on an error message, the program automatically shows the appropriate position within the file.

The error report created by BL Format Check can be exported as a text file and easily sent to the customer via email. Beside file format and detailed error messages, the error report shows the different line numbers and columns within the original file.

The following EBICS formats are validated by BL Format Check:

  • SEPA (CDC, CCC, CCM, CCT, CDM, CDD, C2C, CDB) for EBICS versions 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5
  • DTAZV foreign payment transactions in disk format (AZV)
  • DTAUS German domestic payments in disk format (IZV, IZG, IZL)
  • DTAUS German domestic payments in data tape format (MC2, MC4, MCV)
  • SWIFT-MT101 (RFT)
  • SWIFT-MT103 (Single Customer Credit Transfer)

All file validations are done syntactically and semantically according to the EBICS file formats specified by the ZKA up to EBICS version 2.5. Additional bank specific validations can be added.

A trial version is available upon request.