27 August 2012

EBICS client BL Banking/FR for the French market now supports EBICS TS

The direct support of tokens by BL Banking/FR allows the usage of the modern EBICS TS for customers of French banks

The replacement of ETEBAC 5 by EBICS with profile TS (transport and signature) in France requires a banking signature for EBICS requests per signature key. Besides this, a certificate of a CA accepted by the banks for the signature key is necessary. The signature key and certificate are stored on so called “cryptographic tokens”, or short “tokens”. The password protected tokens, usually special USB flash drives, are accessed by a standardised PKCS#11 API. BL Banking/FR supports now all PKCS#11 compliant tokens and thus allows our customers to use EBICS TS with French banks.

A list of certificates supported by French Banks is available as PDF download from the web site of the Fédération Nationale des Tiers de Confiance (FNTC).