13 November 2012

BL Banking client now available as iPhone app

Business-Logics supplements their programs BL Banking and BL Banking EDS with the app BL Banking for iPhone at no charge

BL Banking is now available as an app for iPhone to use the function of distributed signature while on the way. It can be used on the iPhone, as well as iPad and iPod touch. The app can either be synchronized with an existing BL Banking EDS or BL Banking or be used as a separate VEU client.

The Distributed Digital Signature (German: VEU) allows signing or canceling payment transactions. The app also displays all relevant details for the payment files. For the transmissions the software uses the modern EBICS protocol.

When used alongside BL Banking all settings of BL Banking for the app are exported to the iPhone , iPad or iPod touch. After providing BL Banking's password, the app automatically imports the settings during the installation.

When used as a separate VEU client the app initializes itself with the bank – likewise known from BL Banking.

BL Banking for iPhone is now available free of charge on the App Store.

The app can access multiple banks and supports all iOS versions starting from version 4.2.