15 July 2013

BL Banking, the EBICS client with SEPA converter included

The modern electronic banking client for Windows, Linux and macOS now also converts DTAUS files into SEPA formats

BL Banking was developed just in time with the introduction of EBICS in Germany and since then enjoys growing popularity in the field of global corporate banking. Besides flexible installation options, multiple languages and platform independence, BL Banking stands out due to its electronic banking functionality, which is intuitively to use and continuously extended since the launch of the software in 2008.

Especially the new SEPA payment formats are keeping companies busy and present new challenges to the conventional corporate banking sector. Here BL Banking is well prepared. The application not only allows entering and transmitting of SEPA credits and debits, but in its latest version also provides a DTAUS-SEPA converter.

Common DTAUS files can be converted into valid SEPA credits and transmitted to the banks. Also DTAUS debits can be transformed into the SEPA format by adding the corresponding mandate information. Of course, the SEPA conversion also includes the calculation of IBAN and BIC from the account data. Here the IBAN/BIC conversion considers the complete IBAN rules of the German Bundesbank.

Users of the program can easily select the SEPA version to be generated. For the output all SEPA formats in the versions 2.3 to 2.7 of "The German Banking Industry Committee" are available.

A demo version, which can be used for 20 days without restrictions, is available in the Download area.