13 May 2014

EBICS library for mobile apps

The use of electronic banking from smartphones or tablets is not only interesting for private Internet banking, but is also increasingly adopted in commercial environments. Even corporate banking via EBICS can be used mobile and offers employees of enterprises the ability to perform banking transactions on the go from smartphones or tablets.

Already today the BL Banking Apps make the function of the Electronic Distributed Signature (EDS) available for for Android- und for iOS devices. Furthermore, the app for iOS supports the retrieval and display of account statements and the presentation of accompanying tickets.

While on the way, authorized employees can use their smartphone or tablet to check the company's account balance and sign payments with their electronic signature for processing by the banks. The only requirement is an Internet connection and a valid BL Banking license.

With BL EBICS Business-Logics offers software producers a sound EBICS-API as a reliable base for own product placements in the mobile world.

The BL EBICS API is available in the programming languages Objective C for iOS and Java for Android.

The licensing model of the library allows software producers to sell their products without restriction.

By means of the BL product maintenance both software updates and service for the EBICS component are made available at the same time.