24 October 2014

BL Banking supports XML formats according to ISO 20022 for SEPA payments

For SEPA payments German banks use the formats released by "The German Banking Industry Committee". Beyond this, the widespread client software BL Banking also supports the XML formats according to ISO 20022.

Outside of Germany — especially in France — the XML formats according to ISO 20022 with the schemes pain.001.001.0x for SEPA transfers and pain.008.001.0x for SEPA debits are established. BL Banking supports these formats just as well as the SEPA formats issued by "The German Banking Industry Committee".

The software allows to set the SEPA format version for each bank separately. This way it is possible to create different SEPA formats for banks in Germany and abroad, all within the same program.

By the way: also for the lead time of SEPA debits a configuration for each bank is possible. The lead time is the time in days the bank of a creditor needs to transfer a SEPA debit to the bank of the debtor. Since this is different for each bank, there is also a separate setting for this parameter in BL Banking.

A demo version, which can be used for 20 days without restrictions, is available in the download area.