30 April 2015

EBICS products from Business-Logics for the financial center Switzerland

With the publication of the Recommendations to the Swiss financial center on implementing the EBICS Standard the details for the introduction of EBICS in Switzerland are now officially available. Hence manufacturers have the opportunity to make their products fit for the new standard. With the EBICS products from Business-Logics Swiss financial institutions, service providers, software vendors and end users can start right away.

Recently, SIX Interbank Clearing AG published the recommendations for the EBICS implementation in Switzerland and made them available for download as the Swiss Market Practice Guidelines EBICS. They represent the entire recommendations for the financial center Switzerland, to be supported from 2016. Although there will be no obligation for the new communication channel, it can be expected that in the long run all Swiss financial institutions will offer an EBICS access to their corporate customers.

The technical side of the client-server communication is based on both the German and the French EBICS standard. While the initialization is designed according to the German method, uploading and downloading files follow the French standards. This applies both to the ability to use order parameters in the form of name-value pairs, and secondly, the use of country codes to identify country-specific formats.

The flexible server products from Business Logics — both the BL Banking Server and the BL Clearing Server —  already support all technical requirements of the new standard. After all, both products have proved themselves for years in Germany and France during daily EBICS operations of financial institutions of all sizes.

However, also the client products from Business-Logics for automation of payments already support the Swiss version of the EBICS standard. Both the universal solution BL Transfersystem as well as the BL Transfertool support the initialization and file exchange in accordance with the Swiss requirements.

For the server products from Business-Logics, we offer a free trial installation on site for all, who are interested.

We are happy to advise you about electronic payments with EBICS by phone or via email. You can contact sales directly on +49 2103 33993‑30 or by email at .