28 August 2015

New setup program for BL Transfersystem installations

“Programs for automated electronic payments are complicated!”

That this is not true for all programs has been shown by BL Transfersystem for years. Equipped with the new setup program it is now even easier to get the program doing its job.

Insurances, large enterprises and payment service providers have to perform hundreds or even thousands of electronic payment transfers day by day. Of course, this bulk processing needs to be automated in some reliable way. This is the special field of BL Transfersystem. Besides the payment transfers it also fetches and analyses the bank protocols. That way, the software knows all about each payment, from the time it entered the system until it was processed by the bank. Due to the integration in ERP systems, all transactions are processed and monitored and become part of the overall business rules.

With the new version of BL Transfersystem, the installer makes it even easier to integrate it on Windows platforms.

The program makes the installation much more intuitive by its step by step guidance. Besides the configuration of an existing database the setup allows to install an integrated database. The only prerequisite is a common Windows PC with an Internet connection for the EBICS communication with the banks.

After the installation, the system can be used right away to set up the bank connections and get the first transaction tasks running.

To get an idea about the efficiency of the system, we provide full featured evaluation versions of the software. You can reach our sales department at +49 2103 33993‑30 or by email at to ask for a test version. We will be happy to advise you!