BL Banking Web

The EBICS portal for your corporate customers

You would like to connect any number of subscribers of a customer with one installation?

No problem with BL Banking Web!

The portal solution combines all the advantages of a central server installation with the features of a modern EBICS client.

Payment transactions via EBICS

Support of all standard functions for payment transactions in enterprises.

  • Recording of SEPA credits and debits, EU express transfers, foreign transfers, RFT (MT101)
  • Import of externally generated payment files
  • Electronic Distributed Signatures (EDS)
  • Automated retrieval for account statements, advices, batched transaction files, customer protocol, SEPA notifications, or any other files
  • Automatic import of externally generated payment files via file interface

Modern user interface

Short learning curve and easy use thanks to well-thought-out operating concept.

  • Tidy user interface
  • Self-explanatory functionality
  • Support for international teams through separate language selection for each user (English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Meaningful default settings
  • Scalable web application for all devices and display sizes

One installation for all subscribers

If several users always need the current data, a central installation provides the solution.

  • One enterprise installation with central data storage for all users
  • Users always work with the current state of the data
  • Centralized management of payment templates, originators, recipients, SEPA mandates and periodic payments
  • Restriction to individual accounts per user profile possible

Simple, centralized administration

The lean server installation allows easy integration of the system into any IT environment.

  • Available for Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Installation on standard hardware
  • Simple operation in terminal server environment possible
  • Support for all major DB systems, e.g. MariaDB, MS-SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database and PostgreSQL
  • Ease of use of two-factor authentication: 2FA per OAuth, WebAuthn, or YubiKey
  • Support for single sign-on (SSO) via OpenID
  • Easy installation of updates

BL Banking Web for your customers

We offer the program to companies and credit institutions in various license packages.

See for yourself! We will gladly provide you with a free demo version.

Would you like more information? You can reach us by phone on +49 2103 33993-30 or by email at .

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