BL e-Statement

Collecting statements and other files automatically using EBICS has never been easier.

Provided you use the right program.

BL e-Statement covers the complete range of EBICS functions for collecting files. Just like the BL Transfer Tool, the program is command line based and can be integrated into any system environment.


Simple automation by simple call up - it couldn’t be easier.

  • Collecting statements or other files from the bank
  • Full EBICS support
  • Functions for key management
  • Multi-bank enabled

Easy system integration

The software is available for all common operating systems and can be integrated into any system environment.

  • Runs under Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Simple installation
  • Execution by command line, cron job/scheduler, via script or other programs

French and Swiss EBICS

In addition to the German EBICS standard the program can also handle the standards for France and Switzerland.

Converter tools

Tools to convert payment files including

  • Statement converter: Conversion of statements in text files to the CSV format (one line per statement or transaction)
  • MT940 splitter: Separation of MT940 files for several accounts into individual files per account

BL e-Statement for your customers

As a manufacturer we offer the program to all companies as an individual licence or banks as a low-cost licence package.

See for yourself! We are happy to provide a free demo version.

Get information now! You can reach us by phone on +49 2103 33993-30 or by email at .

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