8 August 2017

BL Banking update comes with payment recording for SWIFT format MT101

The new version now has the possibility to record payments for RFT orders in MT101 format.

Other extensions simplify the use and allow additional configuration options.

Record RFT payments in MT101 format

In addition to SEPA and DTAZV formats, also the SWIFT format MT101 for RFT messages is available to users. The payment type for international transfers supports all foreign currencies and in particular can also be used as a payment template as well as for periodic payments.

Advanced password requirements

For the implementation of consistent password policies, a new dialog was added to the program settings. Here, administrators can specify the minimum length as well as specific password strength requirements for all users.

Address fields in mandate administration for SEPA direct debits

In the course of the amended EU money transfer regulation, the address data of the payer for direct debits, drawn outside the EU/EEA area, are required in addition to the IBAN and the name. If an IBAN from Monaco, San Marino or Switzerland is used, the program advises the user of the necessity of the entry.

Account statements in PDF format

In the perspective for the account statements, there is now a separate view for PDF account statements, which are retrieved by the client with the order type BKA. The new view thus provides direct access to the legally binding account statement data in PDF format.

Conversion of CSV files to the DTAZV format

Similar to the SEPA formats, the program now also creates DTAZV files out of the CSV or Excel format. The converter works for both file import and for directly sending payments with the order type AZV.