26 February 2019

Full Java support through Business-Logics products continues

Information about the runtime environments of Oracle and other providers

Change of the license model for Java from Oracle

The new licensing model has led to increased uncertainty among users. While until now the popular platform has been free of charge also for commercial use, a paid license is required since January 2019.

Secured future with OpenJDK and others

For companies, where new Java versions of Oracle can no longer be used, there is generally no cause for concern. There are several alternatives for Java runtime environments of other providers. Above all, these are available as free distributions that can be used in commercial environments without any problems.

Thanks to OpenJDK — the free and official reference implementation of the Java platform (Java SE) — users will rarely notice a practical difference to Oracle's Java. This is because the Java deliveries from Oracle are based on the reference implementation OpenJDK. And this also applies to most other providers of Java distributions. In addition to the license, these Java packages differ, for example, in that parts of OpenJDK have been replaced by their own implementations.

For standard applications that require a Java environment, the chosen Java installation usually doesn't matter. This is particularly true for the products of Business-Logics, which work together with the distributions of different manufacturers without any problems. We provide a leaflet with more information and an overview of compatible Java distributions.