27 May 2019

Rapid implementation of EBICS in enterprises

EBICS, the secure and modern method for electronic payment transactions via the Internet, is being offered by more and more banks.

However, companies and administrations often face various challenges during the first contact with EBICS.

With the overall concept consisting of consulting, software and hotline, the software house Business-Logics, based in Hilden, Germany, offers the right service especially for getting started with EBICS.

The right software thanks to expert advice

Especially when introducing EBICS in the company, there are often specific questions about embedding the software in the own processes, in addition to fundamental questions about the method.

Because the requirements are very different from company to company. The one software that covers all requirements simply does not exist.

Finding the ideal solution including selection of the right software and tools is not possible without considering essential aspects:

  • manual, automated or semi-automated payment transactions
  • authorization concept for entering and releasing payments
  • creation of payment files by converting from other formats
  • connection of external systems for outgoing payments
  • post-processing of retrieved account statements or advices
  • support of mobile user devices
  • specifics of the IT infrastructure

Business-Logics supports all companies with the introduction of EBICS by competent consulting. The sales hotline +49 2103 33993‑30 is available in English and German and covers all questions concerning the selection of the right EBICS software and any auxiliary programs that might be required.

Training for beginners and advanced users

Business-Logics has been offering special seminars for several years for initial skill adaptation with the topic EBICS. By using the BL Banking program, participants learn in small groups all the skills required for professional payment transactions within the company.

The seminars are offered in English and German by experienced consultants, both at the location in Hilden, Germany and at the customer's premises.

Future-proof with free updates and qualified hotline

With our software maintenance services, all customers are on the safe side for the long term.

All further developments of the EBICS standard are continuously adapted for all products and are available as updates free of charge.

Support requests are answered directly by the manufacturer in a competent and straightforward manner.