16 November 2020

Solutions for electronic payments in the office and from home

Never before, so many employees have worked from home as these days.

To ensure that the work in accounting still runs smoothly, suitable software for electronic payment transactions is needed.

Distributed working

Many companies have developed their own strategies for dealing with the corona pandemic. The focus here is often on reducing the number of employees present in the office by partially relocating the workplaces to the home office.

In this situation, it is essential that employees have access to the corporate network also from home to let the company work without restrictions.

It must also be ensured that the electronic payment processes continue to function without disturbance. Since several colleagues usually work in a team in this sensitive area of the company, practical solutions for collaborative work are required despite physical distance.

Full functionality with central EBICS server application

With BL Banking Web, the software manufacturer Business-Logics, based in Hilden, Germany, offers a modern web application for the effective collaboration of all employees in the company and home office.

In contrast to local desktop programs, the application can be easily used in a web browser. All data is always available to all employees thanks to the central installation. It does not matter from where the data is accessed. The only requirement is a connection to the company network via VPN.

In addition to HTTPS transport encryption and server certificates, the integrated encryption and signature algorithms of EBICS provide the necessary security. The program also offers extended security features such as two-factor authentication via OAuth, WebAuthn or YubiKey.

Highest flexibility with EBICS apps

EBICS already provides an essential basis for working together: the Electronic Distributed Signature, or EDS for short. The EDS allows payments to be released or cancelled according to the four-eyes principle, independent of location.

This function is especially useful for mobile apps, because payments with outstanding signatures are already at the bank and a connection to the company network is therefore not necessary.

The advantage is that the EDS is completely independent of location and a simple connection to the Internet is sufficient. Thus, payments can be released not only from the home office, but also while on the road.

The BL Banking apps for iOS and for Android from Business-Logics also offer the EDS function. In addition, the apps for smartphone and tablet can be used to enter payments in the common SEPA formats, as well as retrieve and view account statements.

Both apps are based on the security functions of EBICS and are certified by TÜV Rheinland as Secure Mobile Application.

Solutions for your business

Contact us and learn more about the possibilities in electronic payment transactions. We will be happy to advise you in finding a solution for your specific requirements.