24 April 2019

New bank portal for payments in companies from Business-Logics

The software manufacturer of payment transaction solutions, based in Hilden, Germany presents its new product BL Portal.

The software for operation at banks and service providers allows corporate customers to connect easily via web application.

One installation for any number of enterprise customers

Modern payment transaction software in the form of web applications has clear advantages over classic PC programs in terms of user-friendliness.

On the one hand, there is no need to install additional software, as the system is operated solely via the user's browser. On the other hand, the responsive application can also be used by smartphones and tablets without any problems. All what is needed is an Internet connection.

With BL Portal, banks and service providers can now make payment transaction software available to any number of customers via one server installation.

The backend communication via EBICS is completely transparent for the customer. This enables the connection of all banks that have an EBICS interface for their customers.

Easy operation and administration

The lean server installation of BL Portal allows easy integration of the system into any IT environment.

Operation is possible on Windows as well as Linux/Unix systems and especially in terminal server environments. In addition to the mere server software, a database is required. Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL are supported.

The hardware requirements for BL Portal are low, so that an operation with standard hardware is possible without any problems.

The system has a simple update mechanism to support new versions. Both configuration and administration are done via the integrated interface.

Customized program versions

Thanks to the plug-in mechanism, extensions for payment formats and functions can easily be integrated into the program. BL Portal is delivered in the corporate design of the bank.

The user interface is available in English and German. The language selection happens automatically depending on the language settings of the user system.

BL Portal can be purchased directly from the manufacturer Business-Logics.