Found a bug?

Then it's time to get rid of it!

Complex systems are above all one thing: complex!

We do our best to keep errors away from even the most challenging software. If errors occur, it is simply a matter of course to deal with them professionally. For us that means above all transparency.

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To manage errors and change requests as part of our QA, we use the Bugzilla program from the Open Source software of the Mozilla Foundation.

Access to BL Bugzilla

As a customer of BL you get your own access to our system. Here you can easily and efficiently manage change requests and errors and therefore directly track the progress.

If you have no access yet, you can create an account via our Bugzilla Interface. As soon as the registration is complete, we will contact you via the email address to release your product.

Direct to Bugzilla entry

For simple status enquiries you can use the entry form on this page — after your product has been released. Simply enter and send the relevant Bugzilla number.

Error or change number: