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Support demonstrates how much you value your customers.

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BL Banking Clients

You can reach your support employee on working days between 9 and 5 o’clock directly on

+49 2103 33993-39.

All products

All products

We can receive your request on working days between 9 and 5 o’clock on

+49 2103 33993-33

Premium Support

The question is very simple: Should the support offer real help or only be low-cost?

We have decided to help.

Effective hotline

We do not outsource support to call centres. And you won't experience annoying “Let me connect you” adventures at BL Support either. You will always reach a competent employee who will tackle the problem without delay.

Free updates

All maintenance customers also benefit from our update service. Our software is updated on an ongoing basis and extended functions are part of the free updates. This makes our products even more attractive and also secures your investment in the long-term.

We take responsibility for our mistakes

Errors are not only human but also normal. Manufacturers who promise error-free software are either gods or frauds.

But even if errors are normal, we take each one to heart and do our best to correct them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And that’s not just idle talk - as our customers discover when a problem occurs. In addition, all of our customers with a maintenance contract get direct access on request to our bug tracking system.