About BL

We have a motto that accompanies us in everything we do:

Better is the enemy of good.

It goes without saying that this relates above all to how we develop software. But also in support and all other areas of the company, we have the one objective: Perfection.

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Who we are

We are one of the leading manufacturers of EBICS-based electronic banking systems in the world. Since 2001 we have been developing solutions for banks, companies, public administrations and software makers.

Our product range covers all sides of EBICS communication: Clients, servers and the protocol itself. We also offer a wide range of tools and test systems for electronic payments.

In addition to directly selling our products, we offer our expertise as consulting services.

„einfach perfekt“ — what does that mean?

“perfekt” [pɛrˈfɛkt] is the German word for something free from faults or defects; made as good as possible. We use it to express that in our opinion there is no better solution.

At BL “einfach” [ˈaɪ̯nfaχ] stands above all for “uncomplicated”.

And at the end of the day “einfach perfekt” is nothing other than combining the two: simply a thing of perfection.

What we do

We focus on electronic payments via EBICS and everything associated with it. What for many does not sound like an exciting task, has a special draw for us. Because at BL we share the common passion of making complicated things simple.

It is not enough for us to simply find good solutions — we search out the best solution!

We act strictly in line with the all-or-nothing principle: Either software works or it doesn’t. Either you have reliable support or you offer defective support.

We are above all friends with short routes and uncomplicated communication. This is the only way to achieve the necessary flexibility for the highest expectations.

What defines us

The result is what counts

We do not claim to be the only supplier on the market for electronic banking software. But we do claim that you have to go a long way to find comparable quality.

If a customer finds an error, we will put all our effort into finding a solution. Where others lose time with regulations and big hierarchies, our support is directly connected with development and is already working on the solution. This is the only way to solve problems as quickly as possible. This is why BL usually only takes a few hours after notification of most CLASS1 errors to roll out the fix.

Long-term customer relationships

We love new customers but we we prefer anything but quick fixes in business relationships.

Our concept of customer satisfaction is above all long-term. In particular, a good customer relationship does not end with a sale — rather it simply starts with one. That is why we define ourselves above all by our top-quality support.

We are not the only ones to say this — so do our customers.

Perfection as a daily motto

Sometimes dealing with perfectionists is beneficial. Above all in the software industry!

Of course that works best with short routes, flat hierarchies and the unbeatable motto “the best solution wins!”!

We believe that quality and top service pay off. And where others are thinking about cost efficiency and maximum profits, we convince our customers in a very targeted way with 100% commitment.

Our software: handmade in Germany

Of course you can save a lot of money by outsourcing work. But we believe that you also always lose quality by doing so.

So our customers at BL always get everything from a single source: first-class advice, perfect software and the best support you could ask for.


BL lives from everyone doing their best

And we really do that on a daily basis. We work towards everything being exactly how our customers expect it to be. The senior managers are

Dr. Bodo Pfelzer

Dr. Bodo Pfelzer

Ralf Reddin

Ralf Reddin

Holger Wiechert

Holger Wiechert