Products for software manufacturers

When a good idea on its own is not enough

You are planning software but do not want to design it yourself. This is frequently neither necessary nor commercially appropriate.

Concentrate fully on your core competency and benefit at the same time from ours! With the proven software components from Business-Logics you can start immediately.


The reliable protocols for communication using EBICS and FTAM


The universal interface for all EBICS clients on all platforms

  • Support of all EBICS versions
  • Available for Java, C/C++ and C# and as an Objective C implementation for iOS and Java for Android
  • Complete functional scope, including key management, security, file transfer and EDS
  • Easily integrated into client and server products as an intuitive API
  • Including comprehensive technical documentation and demo code

Standard FTAM implementation including initiator (client) and responder (server)

  • The well-tried components for electronic data exchange with German customs using ATLAS
  • Simple set-up for Windows and Linux (copying DLL and LIB)
  • Integration of FTAM initiator and responder in own application possible
  • Checked compatibility

Converter and utility programs

The professional tools for the correct processing of payment files

BL Format Converter

The ultimate toolbox for the formats of the Deutsche Bundesbank

  • Create PDF files and separation function for MT940 and CAMT files
  • Conversion of SWIFT messages (domestic and international payments) into PDF and ASCII
  • File creation for the company bank process (HBV) and electronic mass payments (EMZ)
  • Including ASCII/EBCDIC conversion
  • Conversion of Bundesbank files (e.g. YG1, YCL, YGB, QE1) into DTAUS formats
  • PDF creation for messages (M3, M6, M7, M8 and M9 messages)
BL Format Parser

Our high-performance parser to read and write all common payment formats

  • Support for SEPA, SWIFT (e.g. MT101, MT94x) and other formats (e.g. DTAZV, PTK)
  • Easy integration and use
  • Available as a platform-independent implementation for Windows, Linux and macOS