27 September 2019

Test System including Test Data Generator

Business-Logics as of now delivers the Test System for EBICS servers including Test Data Generator.

SEPA payment files can thus be created even more conveniently and can be easily integrated into the Test System via plug-in.

Convenient generation of payment files

The BL Test System checks EBICS servers for conformity with the official standard for customer-bank communication in payment transactions.

For this purpose, the software sends payment files to the banking server to be checked and automatically evaluates both its response and the customer protocol.

The payment files to be sent can now be created even more easily: As of now, the Test System contains the BL Test Data Generator.

This allows users to create payment files based on templates and using their own data records. Furthermore, existing templates can be easily integrated in the Test System with an additional plug-in.

Creating payment files using templates

Most of today's payment files, in particular all SEPA and ISO 20022 files, are XML files. These must conform to a fixed given schema, so to speak, the building instructions for this type of XML file.

However, in addition to the schema, non-formal requirements must also be fulfilled for valid payment files, e.g. that they contain a correctly calculated control total.

In addition there are further, mostly technical requirements, if a smooth processing by the EBICS server shall be ensured. After all, an incorrect originator account or an exceeded payment limit must lead to an order being rejected by the bank.

These requirements also apply to payment files in realistic test scenarios. In particular, it must be possible to combine different types of test data in order to cover the widest possible range of test cases.

For these special requirements, data generation via templates is the ideal way. Here, a basic structure in the corresponding target format is filled with data from various data sources.

The changes to the basic framework defined in this way form a template as a standardized set of rules. Using different templates, test data for individual payment formats, e.g. SEPA transfers or debits, can thus be created at any time.


The BL Test Data Generator is now available free of charge to all maintenance customers of the BL Test System.

If you are interested, Business-Logics offers a time-limited demo version on request.