29 October 2019

EBICS software for automated payment transactions with extended user interface

The graphical user interface of the EBICS program BL Transfer Tool has been extended once again.

The new version now also allows the interactive renewal of bank keys and the management of subscriber access.

Interactive key management

In the new tabs Banks and Subscriber of the BL Transfer Tool, various commands are available for direct execution by the users. There are now buttons for changing the password and renewing the keys. EBICS 3.0 can also be activated interactively.

Display of the command line instruction

The program shows its full strength when using the command line interface. Then the actions, e.g. for sending or fetching files, are transferred by command from scripts or other programs.

The commands for the individual actions can now be displayed with the help of the extended user interface. The values such as the bank name or the subscriber ID will already be taken into account according to the local configuration.


As usual, the new version of the program is available free of charge to all customers with a maintenance contract.

If you are interested, Business-Logics offers a time-limited demo version on request.