21 November 2019

Bank Frick, based in Balzers, Liechtenstein, relies on Business Logics solutions to connect its customers via EBICS

BL Banking Server as reliable EBICS server and BL Banking as user-friendly software for corporate customers

In 2015, the Swiss banking industry joins the EBICS association EBICS SCRL. Since then, there are the Swiss Market Practice Guidelines EBICS, an extension of the EBICS specification with specific conventions for the financial center Switzerland.

This extended specification, valid since January 2017, enables Swiss financial institutions to offer their customers a consistent EBICS access, adapted to national requirements.

Bank Frick also provides its national and international customers with a secure EBICS access since 2017. The proven BL Banking Server is used as the EBICS interface and BL Banking as the customer product from Business-Logics.