27 August 2020

Electronic payment software BL Banking supports EBICS version 3.0

The user-friendly program BL Banking for Windows, macOS and Linux from the manufacturer Business-Logics supports EBICS in version 3.0.

BTFs and other changes

The new version of the EBICS specification consolidates the currently differing regulations of the German, French and Swiss EBICS dialects.

The most important change is the introduction of Business Transaction Formats, or BTFs for short. These replace the banking order types for German banks, and the file formats used for French and Swiss financial institutions.

Other changes concern rather pure technical details, such as the use of certificates, the minimum length of keys, or additional information when sending files.

New technology, familiar usage

Thanks to the deliberately simple user interface of BL Banking, users do not have to bother about the details of solely technical changes under the hood.

In the end, a SEPA transfer remains a SEPA transfer, and the information in protocol files remains identical even if the file format has changed.

Of course, all previous EBICS versions can still be used.


As usual, the update is available for all customers as part of the software maintenance free of charge.