30 September 2021

New version of the Test System for banking servers and EBICS servers

The test software for EBICS banking systems is available in a new version.

Corrections and easier operation

In addition to bug fixes, the update of the BL Test System contains various improvements for easier use.

For example, the user interface now allows the uncomplicated duplication of test cases or the possibility to move bank connections, test definitions or entire test groups.

Scope of functions

Basic functionality

For testing EBICS servers, the Test System behaves like a standard EBICS client. It thus represents all business transactions 1:1 from the customer's point of view.

This comprises all functions including

  • Key management (initialization, updating, locking),
  • Sending and fetching files,
  • Use of the Electronic Distributed Signature, EDS.


In addition, the Test System covers the requirements of conventional electronic payments. Besides the convenient generation of payment files via Generator, this also includes the evaluation of log files for comparison with the expected values.

Versatile application

Ongoing quality assurance

By means of realistic test cases, your own banking server can be tested for correct functioning in almost all aspects. Thanks to the evaluation of the server logs, the test usually also contains the result of downstream systems and allows for the greatest possible test coverage.

Secure server updates

New versions of banking server systems represent a major challenge for both IT and the involved departments.

Especially for the introduction of the upcoming EBICS version 3.0, all manufacturers had to make far-reaching changes, which have an impact on the overall functionality.

With the help of tests and entire test groups, it is easy to ensure in advance that also the new version of the banking server fully meets the expectations.


With the ongoing execution of automated test cases, a comprehensive monitoring of the banking server is installed in a simple manner. In the event of deviations, the production assurance is immediately notified by scripts about occurrent problems.

Full coverage of the standard

The Test System is able to handle the entire specification including

  • EBICS dialects of the versions 2.x for Germany, France and Switzerland,
  • EBICS in version 3.0 including BTFs and key certificates,
  • SCT Inst technique for Europe-wide real-time transfers.


As usual, the update is available for download free of charge for all maintenance customers.

Please contact us for more information about the product. Please send an e-mail to or contact us by phone at +49 2103 33993-30.