8 March 2012

Automatic fetch of account statements with BL e-Statement

Business transactions in enterprises often require up-to-date account statements. Using BL e-Statement, account statements can now be fetched automatically.

The new program BL e-Statement from Business-Logics allows the retrieval of account statements to be integrated seamlessly into business processes. It bridges the gap between usually existing ERP systems and the bank. The electronic transmission is done using the modern EBICS protocol.

The fetching of account statements per BL e-Statement is done by simple program calls that can be triggered per crontab/scheduler, via script or by other programs:

java -jar bin/bltransfer.jar --fetch ABCBank STA abcBank.sta

Besides the German EBICS version, the software also supports the French EBICS standard and can be used to retrieve all account statements for order types with formats MT904 or CAMT:

  • STA
  • C53
  • FDL.camt.xxx.cfonb120.stm
  • FDL.camt.fin.mt940.stm

BL e-Statement can handle multiple bank connections. A single bank version is also available.