26 March 2012

BL Banking and BL Banking VEU now inclusive app for Android™

Business-Logics supplements their programs BL Banking and BL Banking VEU with the app BL Banking VEU for Android at no charge.

Users of BL Banking and BL Banking VEU can now download the app to use distributed signatures with their smartphone.

The Distributed Digital Signatures (German: VEU) allows to sign or cancel payment transactions. The app for Android smartphones and tablets also displays all relevant details for the payment files. For the transmissions the software uses the modern EBICS protocol.

All settings for the app are exported to the Android smartphone directly from BL Banking. After providing BL Banking's password, the app automatically imports the settings during the installation.

The free BL Banking VEU for Android is now available on Google Play™.

The app can access multiple banks and supports all Android versions starting from version 1.6.