20 December 2012

BL SEPA Container Tool

New SEPA Container Tool from Business-Logics for the efficient processing of SEPA files

Since the introduction of SEPA the number of SEPA files to be processed by payment systems of enterprises and service providers is rising continuously. A simple and efficient way of dealing with this problem is to combine payment files for dispatching and processing.

While files in DTAUS format can be combined by simple concatenating, this is no longer possible with SEPA files. With the new BL SEPA Container Tool this job can now be integrated into all work processes.

The program generates SEPA container files for SEPA credit and debit notes of EBICS versions 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5.

The BL SEPA Container Tool is available as a command line program for all system environments. The program can be obtained directly from Business-Logics. A demo version is available upon request.